Diocese of Amarillo signs contract for Mateo – Diocesan Cloud Savings and Loan

MAS Integrated Solutions, LLC (MAS) of Scarborough, ME has entered into a contract for it’s cloud based savings and loan product, Mateo, with the Diocese of Amarillo. Dean Michaud, President of MAS says “We are thrilled to be working with Jim Mitchell, CFO and his accounting team, to implement a new modern cloud-based solution, which in addition to a potential new cloud-based accounting software upgrade, continues to move them in the direction of modernizing their accounting processes.”

MAS Integrated Solutions, LLC is the sister company of Michaud Accounting Solutions who has been providing cloud accounting software implementation consulting to the diocese market for the past 6 years. MAS Integrated Solutions, LLC was formed in order to develop integrated cloud-based solutions that speak to the specific needs of the markets they serve. Mateo is the first product that has been developed under this umbrella. MAS Integrated Solutions, LLC has been working directly with System Architecture of Windham, ME on development and hosting of the product.